Crisis ManagementOut-of-this-World Leak DetectionModel for EfficiencyWhy Make Water Systems Smart?Project Clean LakeFinancial Reports
Crisis Management
Examining Flint’s Water Testing & Other Challenges of Drinking Water Emergencies
Out-of-this-World Leak Detection
Satellite Imaging Offers Accurate, Cost-Effective Distribution System Monitoring
Model for Efficiency
Groundwater Replenishment System’s Initial Expansion Adds Production, Efficiency
Why Make Water Systems Smart?
Smart Cities Readiness Guide Examines the Case for Smarter Water
Project Clean Lake
NEORSD’s Regional Stormwater Management Program - Improvements to Cleveland
Financial Reports
EPA Increases Budget Request for FY 2017, Targets WIFIA Implementation

In the April 2016 Issue

SWIC Newsletter -- April 2016 SWIC Newsletter -- April 2016
Featured Articles - In February, Sens. Bob Menendez (D-N.J.) and Mike Crapo (R-Idaho) introduced legislation, S. 2606, the Sustainable Water Infrastructure Investment Act to spur capital investment and to ensure the reliability and safety of the nation’s wat... Read more


State Revolving Funds for Stormwater Infrastructure State Revolving Funds for Stormwater Infrastructure
Financial Report - This is not an article about why water and wastewater utilities should consider a public-private partnership (P3) to deliver urban stormwater infrastructure projects. As you surely know, a P3 appeals to many municipalities for their ability... Read more


Flint Crisis Spotlights Lead Service Line & Infrastructure Replacement NeedsFlint Crisis Spotlights Lead Service Line & Infrastructure Replacement Needs
Washington Report - While the crisis in Flint, Mich., can be traced to an unfortunate and confounding sequence of human errors, it has also prompted a national discussion about the extent of our nation’s water infrastructure needs. It has placed a particular... Read more


Examining Flint’s Water Testing & Other Challenges of Drinking Water Emergencies Examining Flint’s Water Testing & Other Challenges of Drinking Water Emergencies
Cover Story - There have been many questions raised in recent months about what the water sector can learn from the water crisis in Flint, Michigan. Some would say the crisis, while a nightmare for the residents of Flint, has reinvigorated the discussion... Read more


Out-of-this-World Leak DetectionOut-of-this-World Leak Detection
Featured Articles - New technology solutions are being introduced to the U.S. market to address water loss, including one revolutionary method that detects non-revenue water leaks by analyzing spectral images from satellites.... Read more

UIM News

Colorado’s Southern Delivery System Begins Water Delivery
The Southern Delivery System (SDS), one of the largest water infrastructure projects completed in the United States this century, started delivering water today to homes and businesses in Colorado Springs, Colo. The commencement of water delivery culminates decades of planning and nearly six years of construction. Read more


U.S. Water Alliance’s One Water Summit Headed to Atlanta
Leaders who are transforming how the nation views, values and manages water resources will convene in Atlanta, Ga., for the U.S. Water Alliance’s One Water Summit, June 8-10, 2016 at Atlanta Marriott Marquis. Read more


Aegion Names Frank Firsching as New President of Infrastructure Solutions Platform
Aegion Corp. has announced that Frank Firsching has been named president of its Infrastructure Solutions platform and will have direct responsibility for the overall growth and profitability of the North America and European Insituform business, Underground Solutions, Inc. and Fyfe/Fibrwrap North and South America. Read more


McKim & Creed Wins National Award for Ecological Treatment System
McKim & Creed, Inc. has won a Grand Award of Engineering Excellence from the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) for its engineering work on the WaterHub at Emory, an ecological water reclamation treatment facility at Emory University. Read more


AWWA Names Via Director of Federal Relations
The American Water Works Association recently announced that Steve Via has been promoted to Director of Federal Relations of the association. Via was formerly AWWA’s Regulatory Affairs Manager. Read more


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The Water Conservation Guide

2015 Water Project Showcase

Innovation in the water sector has been largely misunderstood and understated.

With other types of technology unicorns coming out of the west coast and our attraction to sexy solutions, the water sector continues cry out for better, innovative technologies. The reality is, however, this sector is not in need of highly disruptive technologies born from an innovators garage. There are many innovative technologies already available to solve most of the challenges this sector faces today (a few of which are showcased in the projects high - lighted on the following pages).

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Water Project Showcase

2014 Water Project Showcase

The Water Project Showcase is a special supplement to UIM. This year, weve focused this this annual supplement on successful project stories from across North America. Project stories offer a comprehensive approach to reporting on new technology in the industry and how it is applied in the field. Weve also presented a few projects that demonstrate some unique trends in the design, construction, operation and management of water and wastewater systems.

While not all of these projects are award winning, (some are), they do demonstrate innovation across several topic areas, acknowledging the many challenges we have regarding our water infrastructure in North America. We encourage you to read through some of these in the Water Project Showcase.

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The Water Conservation Guide

The Water Conservation Guide

Its no secret water and sewer utilities across the United States are suffering from a lack of funding for needed projects. Of course, the timing makes the situation even more detrimental as we are now in an era of increasing water and wastewater system failures coupled with droughts. Water conservation and the benefits of saving this precious resource can be achieved in a number of ways. But understanding some of the larger issues, such as water scarcity and the overall shift that is happening in the way we think about water, is perhaps important before action can be taken.

To help address this broad topic of conservation, weve addressed several areas in our Water Conservation Guide that are imperative for a water utility to consider.

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