Pipe Inspection Showcase

— Apr 01, 2009

CT Zoom StaffCam

CTZoom Technologies’ brand-new StaffCam represents the latest in advanced handheld telescopic pole camera systems. It is a heavy-duty, watertight, easy-to-use multipurpose color 36X zoom camera that can serve all your infrastructure inspection needs.

The StaffCam can be mounted on a telescopic pole to conduct video inspections of a wide range of underground or above-ground facilities. It comes with a choice of several options and lengths of cable, as well as a pole mount, storage case, nitrogen kit, infrared light assembly, LCD color monitor (5- or 7-inch) and 60 GB to 320 GB of file storage space, with a USB slot for easy downloading.

Cobra Technologies CobraTouch CDL 9000

The CobraTouch CDL 9000 series provides data collection through a simple touch screen, making the inspection process easier and more productive. CobraTouch validates entered inspection data ensuring PACP compliance (other formats available), eliminating costly, time-consuming corrections. This built-in front-end validation eliminates the operator’s need to remember coding requirements for each defect. It’s like having instant access to the pages in the PACP/WRc manual. Manage the collected data in CIMS, a comprehensive multi-user client/server database management program designed with extensive sort/filter capabilities providing a tool for simple access to data and video files.

CUES’ K2 Pipeline Inspection

CUES introduces the new K2 Series portable CCTV pipeline inspection system. K2 can be mounted in a wide range of vehicles, including ATVs, vans and trailers, or used as a stand-alone system. K2 includes an ergonomic wireless hand-held control that can operate all CUES transporters and pan-and-tilt/zoom cameras. K2 features built-in diagnostics for the entire system, including the video cable. The portable K2 video cable reel includes automatic payout to minimize cable drag and maximize pull distance while inspecting pipes ranging from 6- to 120-inch diameter. Increased video cable reel capacity (1,200 feet) maximizes distance for inspection runs.  

Envirosight QuickView

Version 3.5 of the patented QuickView pipeline zoom inspection camera from Envirosight is now available, offering users double the zoom capability, more illumination and improved camera sensitivity for low-light viewing. Its enhanced performance allows an operator to see as far as 400 feet down a typical 18-inch line — all while capturing exceptional sidewall detail.

QuickView 3.5 delivers double the zooming capability of previous models with 400 times magnification. Its new lamp technology casts focused illumination that is 65 percent brighter, without draining the rechargeable battery before a full shift’s worth of inspection work is completed.

Inuktun Versatrax 150

The Versatrax 150 is a powerful and reliable long-range internal pipe inspection system that can operate within inside diameters of 6 inches and greater. The remotely operated unit is configurable for round pipe or flat surfaces and can cover 32 feet per minute. The tether cable allows inspections up to 1,500 feet in length. The low-maintenance Verstrax 150 has a high-resolution remote-focus color camera with optional pan, tilt and zoom functionality for 360 degree views. The unit is waterproof to 100 feet, weighs just 88 pounds and can carry a payload of up to 200 pounds.

Miller Pipeline Corp. WEKO-SEAL

WEKO-SEAL is the leading trenchless system for internally and economically renewing leaking joints in water, wastewater, natural gas and industrial piping 16 inches up through 216 inches and larger. The WEKO-SEAL is a flexible rubber leak clamp that ensures a non-corrodible, bottle tight seal pipe-joint area. Its unique design incorporates a series of proprietary lip seals that create a leak-proof fit on either side of the joint. Seals are installed internally with up to 2,000 feet between access points, WEKO-SEAL technology can be utilized in square, rectangular, round and elliptical pipe, including transitions, fittings and even vertical offsets or specialty configurations. WEKO-SEAL is appropriate for installation in natural gas and industrial piping, potable water distribution lines, sanitary sewers and storm sewers. In nuclear and fossil fuel power plant applications, the WEKO-SEAL is routinely used for sealing leaks in both fresh and seawater cooling and circulation lines. In all cases our customers are left with bottle-tight joints that provide years of worry-free maintenance.

PipeLogix 360 Module

PipeLogix is pleased to announce the release of 360 module for flexidata data collection software. It can be used to collect pipe or manhole survey detail from the new scanning camera CCTV systems. Your computer mouse becomes the camera as you pan-and-tilt, zoom and control the speed of travel through the pipe or manhole. Inspections can now be done more accurately in the office. Take pictures, measurements and visually see the start and end of a continuous defect in the unfolded view of the pipe. The repeat observation tool quickly logs conditions with accurate footage and clock position. .

PPIC PipeDiver

PipeDiver is the world’s first free-swimming condition assessment inspection tool for pre-stressed concrete pressure pipe (PCCP). With no disruption to service, the PipeDiver is deployed while the pipeline is fully operational, reducing the total cost of inspection. Equipped with PPIC’s remote field transformer coupling (RFTC) technology, the PipeDiver provides condition assessment data on pipelines that were thought impossible to inspect. The technology detects and quantifies the number of breaks in the prestressing wire that reinforces the concrete pipe. Equipped with this information operators can prioritize capital expenditures by enacting a selective repair and replacement program based on the condition of individual pipes.

Pure Technologies SmartBall

Pure Technologies introduces an innovative technology called SoundPrint SmartBall. It is is used for detecting and pinpointing leaks and air pockets in large diameter water and wastewater pipelines. The leak detection system is intended for use in both water transmission mains and wastewater force mains constructed of a variety of materials such as steel, ductile iron, concrete, PVC, asbestos, etc., with diameters greater than 10 inches. The design of the untethered sensor will allow the surveying of many miles of pipeline by providing the capability of passing through existing valves, appurtenances, sharp bends and changing pipe diameters.


RapidView IBAK North America presents the IBAK PANORAMO 360 Pipeline Scanner technology. PANORAMO does not need to stop as it moves through the pipeline and can inspect at speeds up to 70 feet per minute without the motion blur you find in other technologies. After the inspection, the data is compiled to create a complete 360-degree view of the pipeline in a self-contained file. . PANORAMO can inspect up to twice as much per day, providing an image resolution six times better than traditional video technologies, and reducing the user’s cost of operation by approximately 30 percent.

RIDGID SeekTech SR-60

RIDGID has introduced the SeekTech SR-60 utility locator, which provides end users with more information to make the most informed decisions about underground infrastructure for easier and more accurate locates. The SR-60 is the only utility locator with the capability to receive the full range of locatable frequencies.
Expanding on the SR-20 utility locator, the SR-60 has additional frequencies and more versatility. With the SR-60, users can locate at the broad frequency range of 10 Hz to 490 kHz, and can tune the frequency 1 Hz at a time, allowing the SR-60 to be used with any pre-set frequency transmitter.

U-TECK Locator's Vest

Brand new from U-TECK, the Pack-Rat Locator’s Vest is an evolution in the utility locating industry, especially considering all of the tools utility locator's typically use. The Pack-Rat Locator's Vest has multiple pockets and pouches allowing you to load up and go, even when your job takes you through city streets and away from your truck. This vest is a tool that is not just for utility locating contractors, but also for any telecom that performs their own locating work. The Pack-Rat Locator's Vest also doubles as a Class 2 safety vest, a necessity when working on federal highways.

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